Icefox 1080p HD Action Camera Review



The ice fox action camera is one of many budget action cameras available out there, some are excellent and great value for money, and some are duds, I’ve tested a fair few now so I’d like to think I can spot a decent one.

The icefox action camera is waterproof up to 30meters in its protective housing and can be used for diving, cycling, swimming and many more activities.
It features a 12mp CMOS sensor and records in 1080p full HD video and has a 170 degree wide angle lens. It also takes stills up to 12mp in resolution. With both video and stills you can choose which resolution you would like to shoot at.
Inside the box you also get a nice selection of accessories including a handle bar mount, tripod mounts and various clips and attachments, a spare back plate for the waterproof casing, as well as your usb to micro usb charging cable. And your warranty info and a user manual.

Taking a look at the camera, the waterproof housing has access to all the buttons using spring loaded buttons with waterproof seals so y I u have access while its sitting inside.

On taking it out of the housing, on the front is the 12mp lens, to the left of it is the power and menu button.
On the left hand side you have a slot for a micro sd card that supports up to 32gb, a micro usb port for charging and a micro hdmi port for connecting it up to your TV.

On the top is your shutter button which also doubles as your select button when in the settings menu and a small led indicator to let you know of your shooting.

To the right hand side are two buttons for navigating the menu and for zoom in or out and there is a small grill for when I believe a speaker or microphone may be.

On the bottom is a slot for your battery, the one that comes with the camera is a 900mah battery and gives you 70 mins of recording in 1080p.

Finally on the rear you’ll find a 1.5″ display, you can use the screen as a viewer and to watch back the footage you’ve just captured.
On the left bottom corner of the screen are two led indicators to show when its charging and if it’s on or off.

On powering up the camera the first screen you’ll land on is the video recording screen, the second screen is the still photos screen and pressing the power/menu button three times takes you through to the gallery. One more click and you get to the settings.

Within the settings you have a load of options to select from to tweak your footage and stills. There’s also some other handy settings for camera functions.
You’ll find options for resolution, recording cycle, motion detection, audio, date stamps and capture mode.
There are options for changing the image size of the still photos, a sequence mode for taking burst photos.
You can control the sharpness and white balance and turn on the stabilisation from the settings menu.
And then you have some basic settings for time and date, language screen savers etc.
The icefox also features a car mode to use it as a dash cam.
I’ve put up some footage I recorded on this camera at the end of my video unboxing and review so you can judge for yourself, but in my opinion it does pretty well. Footage is really clear and nice to watch, the stabilisation is ok, it only helps a little bit what can you expect from electronic image stabilisation. Stills are average but still perfectly acceptable, and to be honest this is predominantly a video camera to record action videos.
For the price it’s great and excellent value for money, one of the action cams that I’m happy to recommend.
I would like to try out the version with wifi as I prefer action cameras with that feature.
But overall this is a very decent budget alternative to the more expensive action cameras on the market.


Mpow Magneto Bluetooth Sports Earbuds

I own a lot of Bluetooth headphones now and am always happy to try new ones out, occasionally you’ll find some real gems in the budget range, these Mpow magneto’s are one example of that.

On opening the box up on top are the Mpow magneto earbuds,
Under the cardboard tray is one set of stabilisers and different sized tips, a leaflet to show you how they fit in your ear and Instructions to keep your phone in your right pocket when using these, I’m guessing the chip will be housed in the right earbud.
You get a second set of stabilisers, these ones are more like the fins you’d find on a set of jabras.
And of course you have the micro usb to usb charging cable and a instruction leaflet.
lets get rid of all that to one side and take the earbuds out of the plastic and take a look at them.
They look identical to my coach earbuds, they have that same really nice etched circular pattern in the metal and the Mpow logo also etched Into the aluminium which meets with the matte black plastic, personally I think these and the coach both look amazing, and much more premium looking than the price your paying for them.
My favourite feature of these Mpow magnetos, and the reason I’m choosing these as my favourite over the coach earbuds, Is the magnets, they stick together when not in use so that they aren’t just dangling there around your neck able to fall off and get lost at any time.
BUT there’s also a really neat trick that these have up their sleeves, the music automatically stops and starts when they connect together, as soon as you pull them out of your ears and stick them together the music stops, as soon as the magnets are pulled apart they start playing straight away again and you can just put them straight back In your ears without pressing a single button, I love that and think that’s a really cool feature to have. Taking a quick look around the earbuds, on the top of the right one you have your micro usb charing port which is kept protected by the rubber flap.
Also one other thing I like to see on headphones, and it’s really simple, is the simple R and L lettering on each side to let you know what side is what.
Going down the cable you have your three button remote, on the one side is the Mpow branding and next to that you have your microphone.
Turning it over you have the three button layout for your media controls the volume up and down buttons also double as your forward and back buttons, the centre button is your power on/off, play/pause and accept and reject calls button.
Setup of these is the same procedure as any other Bluetooth device, long press the power button until it flashes red and blue and then find them on your phone and pair, it really is simple as that. My other favourite feature of these earbuds is that I can pair up two phones to one headset, this is perfect for me when I have a review phone I’m using I can still listen to music on my primary phone but still get notifications from the second device while connected to the first.

Now Moving Onto the sound quality of these earbuds, as I previously mentioned in my Mpow coach review, getting the perfect fit is the key to these sounding great, experiment with the huge choice of tips and fins provided to ensure you get the right fit.
Once you find the perfect fit sound quality is great, I’ve listened to rock, ho hop, classical, acoustic and the sound comes across really well, bass is very good and punchy. Now I’m not saying these are going to be the best you’ll find for sound quality, but for earbuds in this price range, you’ll be hard pressed to find any as good as these. They are definitely in my top 5 Bluetooth budget headphones I’ve tried.
Comfort wise they are pretty comfortable and I couldn’t notice them too much when wearing them, I’m not sure how they’ll be for long periods of time but for the hour and a half I had them in for, I had no issues with comfort.
Because these are branded as sports earbuds I have to mention how well they stay in your ears, and again like the sound, I recommend experimenting with all the different fins and stabilisers you get to make sure they give you the proper fit and they do a good job of staying in when you have the correct fins or stabaliser in.
In summary these are another excellent set of sports earbuds from Mpow and offer great value for money, the build quality is great, the sound is very good and they look awesome! I do prefer these over the coach even though they are identical simply for the added functionality of the magnets and the auto stop start audio function.
For the price of these Mpow magneto Bluetooth sports earbuds you are getting fantastic value for money an i’d happily recommend these as a great set of sports headphones.

DBPower Action Camera Review


This is the second action camera now own and I was interested to see how this one compares to the excelvan q8 that I own.
The package arrived quickly and I had it in my hands within 24hrs, it comes very nicely presented in a professional looking box and the contents include a wide range of accessories as well as the camera and charging cables. A really nice extra is the addition of the spare battery! This was my main problem with my other action cam, it was really hard to find a spare battery for it and I wished they had given a spare, so this was most welcome.
The camera has a great build quality and it feels very well made. It has a lovely matte finish to it which makes it look awesome.
Going through the menu, I noticed that this camera has a massive selection of options to chose from, things like iso, exposure, white balance, hdr, motion detection and much more. I really wasn’t expecting it to have so many options to be honest.
I’m more accustomed to having these options in my smartphone cameras pro mode, not a budget action camera.
The quality of the footage that the camera records is very good and the picture is really clear, if a little bright on occasion. The stills that it takes are also not bad and look pretty sharp.
Overall this a great option if your looking for a go pro type camera on a budget and although it may not be right uk there with the gopro, it sure does a great job! Especially when you consider this is a fraction of the price of a gopro.
I’d happily recommend this action camera to anyone that needs a camera to record footage of then doing sports or other activities but doesn’t want to break the bank.
All in all this offers great value for money and should you damage it, it won’t cost you a fortune to replace.


Syma X5HC Drone Review 

I’ve been wanting one of these for so long now so when the seller contacted me to ask if I’d like to review this drone I literally bit her hand off!

It arrived withing 24hrs thanks to the amazing delivery service prime provides.
It is quite a large box that this comes in, on opening it and lifting off the polystyrene lid you are presented with the drone sitting there, the remote control and you’ll also find two sets of spare propellers, 4x blade guards and 4x landing gear legs, a usb charging cable to plug into your laptops etc. These batteries have to be charged using dc and not ac so laptop is ideal.
Additionally this drone comes with a 4gb micro sd card and they also throw in a sd card reader to plug into your computer to get the footage you’ve filmed. There is also a pretty well written and easy to read instruction booklet.
The controller does require 4xAA batteries which I would have liked to have seen included.
On taking the drone out of the box you will be required to attach the landing gear arms and propeller guards using the provided screw driver, this is very simple to do and once that’s done your pretty much ready to fly.
You will need to calibrate the remote before first use which is done by pushing both joysticks down diagonally to the right.
Once this is done your ready to get flying and have some fun!
Flight time is only 5-7 mins on one battery so I would recommend picking up some spares to charge up and take out with you.
I am a beginner when it comes to drones and this is the perfect starter drone for someone looking to try them out, it’s taken a fair bit of punishment from crashes etc and it’s still going strong, i have had hours of fun with this and would happily recommend this drone!

H501 Active noise cancelling headphones review 

I own several pairs of headphones now but  none of them have active noise cancellation as these ones do. I was offered to review these h501 noise cancelling headphones and jumped at the chance.

They arrive in a very sturdy black box which has a lot of weight to it and automatically made me think these were going to be a very high quality product.

On opening the box and lifting off the lid you are presented with a very nice carry case containing the headphones and accessories that are included. When you unzip the case the headphones are sitting there in all their glory, also on the lid of the case is a a Velcro pouch which includes two 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables, one of which has a microphone and in line controls on it (unfortunately the controls only work on iPhone and apple products) you are also given an airline adapter and a larger adapter for home stereo systems.

For these to work you do need a AAA battery which you insert into the right earcup which slides open to access the battery slot.

On the left cup is the button to turn the noise cancelling on or off, and under the left cup is the 3.5mm headphone plug.

Comfort wise they are very light and the earcup padding is adequate,the padding on the top part could do with a little bit more, and they do have quite a tight clamping action on your head after a long period it may get a little uncomfortable. But that may just be that I have a large head.

Now onto the most important part of any headphone review, the sound. The sound quality on these is very good, music is clear and crisp, bass is good. But for my own personal preference I would have liked them to have been a bit louder and for the bass to be a bit more enhanced for the genres of music I listen to (hip hop and rap) don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the sound quality of these is poor or anything, they are far from that. I just would have liked this things more as a personal preference..

The noise cancelling does a great job and works particularly well with low frequency humming noises like bus or aeroplane engines etc.

Overall a very decently priced and competent pair of noise cancelling headphones that do exactly what they say on the tin.

As a side note I’d love to see these as a wireless Bluetooth option too!

XBoom Ceramic mini portable speaker Review

I’ve been using this for nearly a week now and it’s a really cool handy little speaker to have around, I use mine for the bathroom when having a bath/shower and it fills the room enough to be able to hear the music, I’d say it goes loud enough for use on chill out days at the park, camping trips that kind of thing. It wouldn’t be suitable for use to use as a main speakers for a bedroom or front room though.

Sound quality isn’t the Best out there BUT for the size and price, it does a great job and surprisingly the bass is much better than I expected from this! I’m guessing that’s down to the new ceramic tweeter on this model, and It looks really cool too with the coloured ceramic tweeter on the top.
I really like the fact that this speaker let’s you use it whilst charging with the Y splitter cable that’s provided, one end of it has a male usb plug that goes into your laptop, the other end has a micro usb port which plugs into the speaker for charging, and on a cable splitting off from that is a 3.5mm jack that goes into your player of choice.
Also the option to use multiple speakers is great, you can do this by either using the provided 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable and plugging that into two of these, OR using the built in 3.5mm buddy cable to connect a few of these together and use the cable to connect your player, it’s up to you how you want to set it up, the cable provided is about a meter long so plenty long enough.
As well as the two cables provided you also get a near Little carry case to keep it in and some instruction booklets.
This speaker is really small when closed and would easily fit in a coat/Jacket pocket or a small bag, i would say it’s about the size of a small orange/tangerine when closed.
Going around the unit you have a a volume wheel on one side, the power on/off switch opposite to that, and then on the other two sides you have a micro usb port for charging and the 3.5mm input.
Overall a very cool little speaker and does the job it’s supposed to, although as I mentioned earlier I would not recommend trying to use this as a main speaker for a bedroom or front room or anything like that.
I would LOVE to see a Bluetooth version of this also!